Sarvesarva Adv. Dr. Under the guidance of Rekha Barhate, Student Tirpude College of Social Work, Sadar Nagpur, organized a Child Protection Awareness Program at Ekatmata Nagar, Nagpur to educate as many children as possible about child labor, a social problem, protection of child sexual abuse, and Child Protection Act 2012. Had arrived, with Adv. Devisha Dahikar, Madhuri Ingole were present. As well as b. S. W. The second year students performed a street play on the Protection of Child Sexual Abuse, and the Child Protection Act 2012, along with a short film titled Komal, which was attended by women and children.

The program was planned and organized by the students of Tirpude Social Work College. Participating students: - harshal h patil Nikhil Patil Shraddha Gadre Ankita Ramteke